Major redevelopment of headquarters
A valued client, who values the quality and professionalism of his architect. Hobart Heron carried out major redevelopment works of proven quality, matching the state of the art engineering produced by Nortel. The re-development work for the Northern Ireland headquarters of Nortel, Offices, Engineering facilities, Research and Development Areas, including total interior design has been completed in recent years. A major new entrance reception links the various production areas. Customer Demonstration Area has been designed to the same exceptional high quality as the products produced by Nortel. Nortel supply customers in more than 60 countries around the world with state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment for transmitting voice data and video information along optical fibres. The Customer Demonstration Area is equipped to provide customers stepping off the plane from countries as far away at China and New Zealand with a state-of-the-art area to demonstrate their equipment with excellent service facilities. Finishes are minimalist, but of an extremely high quality providing a muted background for the product demonstration area.