I.D.B. Production facility
A fast track approach was required to bring this I.D.B. Production facility for Colorite of the U.S.A. on line. From inception to completion, it took less than 9 months. Acting as project managers and architects, Hobart & Heron leads the design team – working closely with Colorite personnel in the U.S.A. to ensure all aspects of the development were incorporated. The project was delivered on time and on budget to the clients. “The job the design team did in putting up a first class manufacturing facility in record time was nothing short of remarkable”. Robert F. Mitchell
Vice President, Colorite Operations U.S.A.

The facility takes raw PVC in powder form from the external silos and blows it through pipe work to the top of the production tower. Here it passes down through 6 levels of blending plant, where heat alters it state into small PVC granules. At this point it is despatched to Irish and European pharmaceutical companies for further processing into oxygen masks, medical tubing and many other specialist products.

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