Campbell College
New Prep School
Junior School P1 to P7
The concept behind this design was the desire to create a low energy usage building, with a dynamic teaching and learning environment. It was proposed to create exciting spaces that are welcoming to children and interact with the mature natural landscape outside. It was to have design flexibility over its lifetime, to allow for change in the internal layout as teaching methods change and evolve, and at the same time provide a safe and secure learning facility. The design is single storey, which is ideal for primary school children. The building has been designed to allow full accessibility for disabled users. The building is designed around a main central space (Agora), which is the heart of the building. This is the generous, flexible, visually dynamic space we envisaged. It will be used for the school library, gym, art classes, and ICT usage. It will also be used for assembly, drama performances, film viewings, and as an exhibition space. This is the social hub of the school. Natural daylight floods into this space from a central spine roof light, and also from the full height glazed walls at either end. It enlivens this space and at all times of the day. The teaching classroom layout is also very flexible, allowing various seating layouts, both formal and informal. The acoustic environment for the building was carefully analysed to ensure it more than meets current standards for schools. The classrooms are arranged in rows on either side of the Agora, have high ceilings with roof lights to provide natural daylight and ventilation into the heart of each teaching space. All classrooms are naturally ventilated with each pair of classrooms opening out onto an external seating area for outside teaching. Our design considers the health and safety of the children, staff and other visitors to the school. We have proposed a building with high levels of natural light and with high ceiling heights, which will utilise the stack effect to induce natural ventilation. The buildings mechanical and electrical equipment includes solar water heating, roof windcatchers for natural ventilation, and thermal insulation standards in excess of new building regulations.