Regeneration & Master Planning
A large proportion of Hobart & Herons work in recent years have involved the regeneration of urban areas within cities and towns and the re-development of brownfield sites. This type of work commenced around the early 1990s, when we were involved in designing numerous specialist industrial units on contaminated land sites in the south of England. Specialist design measures were taken in those buildings. We have also extensive experience over the past 20 years in the regeneration of Belfast City Centre. This has involved both new buildings and the renovation of Listed Historic buildings eg Cleaver House, McAuley House, Fountain House.

The most extensive brownfield site we have been involved with was the 55 acre Holywood Exchange Retail site in Belfast, This site on reclaimed coastal land was previously a city dump.

in recent times we have also proposed masterplans for various areas in Eastleigh in England, Larne Harbour, and Industrian Development Parks in and around Belfast.

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